We Energies electric bill could go up by $4 a month

CREATED Aug 26, 2014

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Your We Energies electric bill could go up by as much as $4 a month fairly soon.

Spokesperson, Brian Manthey, says the increase will pay for system upgrades, modernizing them, and replacing things like meters and poles. This is the first time some customers have heard the news.

"We never want to hear about an increase,” says customer Joharah Bayazid. “Either it stays what it has been or it goes lower. No one wants an increase."

Manthey says customers will have to pay a little more than $4 extra every month

Alderman Tony Zielinski is against the proposed increase.

“Unfortunately, We Energies doesn’t make as much of a profit after solar power,” remarks Zielinski. “What they’re doing is putting extra fees on solar and that’s very bad.”

Manthey says he’s not familiar with the comments.

“In any rate increase before the Public Service Commission, everybody has an opportunity to comment and to be able to be a part of the process," suggested Manthey.

The Public Service Commission will make its final decision on what the rate will be. That'll go into effect on January first next year.