Wauwatosa West HS students get to cover president's visit

CREATED Jan 30, 2014

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WAUWATOSA - Two Wauwatosa West High School students got to cover the event for their school newspaper - a unique experience they say they won’t soon forget.

No matter how seasoned of a reporter you are, covering the President of the United States is a big story.

“It's sort of crazy.  It was really neat to be in the same room as the President,” said Wauwatosa West Junior and student newspaper editor in chief, Deanna Ross.

For Ross and Mark Salamone, it was the story of their life, so far.  They work for the student newspaper at Wauwatosa West.

“Definitely. I've been able to cover Governor Scott Walker before, but I've never even seen the President talk, unless it's been on TV.  It's a great experience for me,” Ross said.

“I thought it was really interesting just watching people,” Salamone said.

They got to stand on the risers with local and national media crews, taking in every bit of advice they could.

“The people I've been standing with all have really interesting stories about colleges they went to for their journalism programs, giving me tips on taking pictures and reporting, so it's been really cool,” Ross said.