Waukesha's mayor won't greet Obama during visit

CREATED Jan 28, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 28, 2014

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WAUKESHA - President Obama will bring his talking points from the State of the Union to Waukesha on Thursday, but the city's mayor will not be there.

"He's probably using this as a photo opportunity," says Mayor Jeff Scrima.

When Waukesha's Mayor got the invite from the White House, he didn't have think long about responding. The answer was no.
"I deliberately do not go to Walker events. I don't go to Obama events because I believe my role is to represent the citizens of Waukesha."
The mayor's job is non-partisan. Scrima says he's not a member of the Republican or Democratic parties.
"I think the common folks in Waukesha and around the United States are quite frankly tired of the division and I've simply chosen to not participate in that."
Scrima is up for re-election this spring. We contacted his opponents and asked: What would you do if you were Mayor?  All three said they would attend, out of respect for the office. 
"If he decides not to go than that's his choice," says De Schiewer.
Schiewer is very happy President Obama is coming to Waukesha. Her daughter will be at the event and others think the mayor should be too.
"You are the representative for the city of Waukesha if you are the Mayor," explains Pete Paasch. "So I think he has to be there as a civic duty."