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Waukesha slow to respond to icy roads

CREATED Jan 12, 2014

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 WAUKESHA - You Ask. We Investigate. Richard Sayles says the street in front of his home hasn't been salted for days.

The Waukesha man said he keeps calling city officials to come and clear the road without any response.

Sayles lives on Habourn Court near Oakdale and Highway 59.

"It's dangerous, especially coming down the hill." Said Sayles.

In some places the ice is around an inch thick. It was so slick Saturday, he said he couldn't get his car up the hill to his house.

"If you slide too fast you're not going to be able to stop." He added.

No one from DPW was in the office Sunday, but Alderman Aaron Perry returned our phone call.

Perry called the head of the Department of Public Works to make sure it is fixed fast, possibly as early as Monday morning.