Waukesha man blames burglaries on $500 a day drug habit

CREATED May 5, 2014

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WAUKESHA - Prosecutors say Colin Lamarche, 25, used cash from a string of brazen thefts to support his $500 a day crack and heroin addiction.

At Sporties Bar in Sunset Bowl, Lamarche is accused of dismantling the ATM and stealing $10,000 in cash.  Police found nearly that amount when they arrested him on Friday.

There was a similar burglary at Waukesha Recycling.   Police say Lamarche broke in, found keys and drove a forklift into an ATM.

“It’s upsetting to say the least,” said Waukesha Recycling owner Phil Rehberg.  “He was so aggressive in the way he did it. He was doing it to a lot of businesses, not just ours.  I’m glad to see he’s finally caught.”

Police say this grainy surveillance photo a white commercial van led them Lamarche.  An officer spotted the van and it is now fenced in at the Waukesha Police Department.

“There are footprints,” Capt. Ron Oremus told TODAY’S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray.  “There’s a lot of evidentiary pieces that came together to put us into this guy, including, eventually, we got the pry bars.”

According to the criminal complaint, Lamarche also admitted to break-ins at Horning Middle School and Skateland.

“He is a drug addict, who is hooked on crack cocaine and heroin, admittedly, up at to 500 dollar a day habit,” Oremus said.

Lamarche also told investigators he was often high on drugs when he carried out the crimes.  

Lamarche was not represented by an attorney at his initial appearance.  He told the court he is in the process of hiring an attorney.