Waukesha School District chooses to trade teacher-service days for class days

CREATED Jan 29, 2014

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WAUKESHA -- The wicked winter has put teacher-service days on ice.

Waukesha School District administrators announced today they require students to make up three of four missed days in January.
In a letter sent to parents and posted on the district's website, administrators explain:
"At this point DPI has not given us a waiver from making these days up. April 4th has not been utilized yet in efforts to try and balance days in each quarter as much as possible for curriculum and course considerations (January 27/28 and March 6/7 are all in the 3rd Quarter.) 

We still have one additional day (April 4) that can be utilized and we're certainly “not out of the woods” in terms of potential bad weather. 

Adding these days to the end of the year would delay high school graduations by a full week, to June 21, as well as cause other year end issues. The DPI allows us the option to use up to four Saturdays for make-up as opposed to extending the school year, but we do not want to go in that direction.

We understand that families have made travel plans some of these days and we don’t expect families to change their plans. If parents have a trip planned for those days, they can have their students excused like they normally would when they have a pre-planned trip during other school days."