Waterford school district drops federal lunch program

CREATED Mar 24, 2014

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WATERFORD - Students at Waterford Graded School District may notice a difference on their plate next year.  The district has decided to opt out of the federal lunch program.

"Really, it's been in conversation for a couple of years," said Waterford Graded School District Superintendent Chris Joch.
Joch explains the food service contract was up, and stricter mandates will be put in place next year as far as how much sodium or fat can be served per meal.  Lunches for K-8 will have to be capped at about 600 calories.
"Seeing the dropping participation among students and seeing the fiscal impact because there are fewer kids eating, the need for the general fund to subsidize the lunch fund," Joch said.
Joch explains the district has seen a 2-3 percent drop in lunch enrollment per year for the past few years, but the change will cost the district money. 
"That's a good question.  We're anticipating a larger loss.  We're looking at a loss of about $20,000-$25,000 more than what we're currently experiencing," Joch said.