Water main problem not going away

CREATED May 28, 2014 - UPDATED: May 28, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - City officials still don't know when a south-side water pumping station will come back online. 

The facility on Texas Avenue in Bay View was shutdown nearly two weeks ago after an underground leak threatened the building and nearby homes.
With just one pumping station providing water to nearly one million residents in Milwaukee, officials had to increase the water pressure to get water to the far corners of the city.
The move triggered more than 90 water main breaks costing hundreds of thousand of dollars in repairs.
Hawley Boyce lives across the street from the south-side station. He watched crews examine the damaged pipe that closed the facility.
"Supposedly, they've been taking x-rays over the week and they're suppose to be analyzing the x-rays." He said.
A spokesperson for the Department of Public Works said they're formulating a plan to repair the pipe, but have no timeline when it will be fixed.