Water main break total in Milwaukee reaches 76

CREATED May 21, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee residents have been dealing with water main breaks since one of the city's pumping stations had to shut down last Saturday. 

The tally is up to 76 breaks. And at about $10,000 a pop to fix, most taxpayers said they would like to see the issue resolved sooner rather than later.

"The scale and the number of water main breaks had exceeded what we had expected," said Department of Public Works Commissioner Ghassan Korban.

Officials said they don’t expect too many more breaks.

“It's very hard to predict, honestly," Korban said. "We are seeing a higher number than usual."

Out at the Texas pumping station, heavy equipment dug a bigger hole so crews could get to the leaky pipe, about 8 feet below the ground.

The good news? The DPW Commissioner thinks they'll be able to fix the problem in less than two weeks.

"We think it will be done sooner," Korban said. "Simply because we just identified the problem yesterday. It turned out to be at a level that's much more accessible."

No word yet on how soon crews will start work on that pipe.