Wasps and hornets spread across southeastern Wisconsin

CREATED Sep 30, 2013

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CALEDONIA - Wasps and yellow jacket hornets have spread across southeast Wisconsin in great numbers lately, taking many by surprise.

Kelly Modesti of Caledonia awoke on her 23rd wedding anniversary to something she certainly didn't want.  Modesti says when she and her husband went to bed the night before, they noticed what appeared to be a water stain on their bedroom ceiling.  By morning, hundreds of wasps had broken through that mark and were buzzing around their bedroom.
Modesti called Critter Gitters.
"She was fortunate not to get stung. In her case, they broke through the ceiling.They chewed their way through the dry wall ceiling," said Wally Ross of Critter Gitters.
Exterminators have seen an uptick in the number of wasps and yellow jacket hornets this year in Southeast Wisconsin.  Those doing business at the Mt. Pleasant Village Hall experienced it first hand.  Village administrator Kurt Wahlen showed us where 60 nests had taken up residence on the crevices of their newer building.
"They weren't really getting inside, but it made going through one of the doors a little bit traumatic. So that's when they really came to be highlighted. It's a very nice building, but we didn't design it to make a home for the hornets," said Kurt Wahlen, Mt. Pleasant Village Administrator.
While winter might not be your favorite season, those who have been dealing with wasps and hornet say, bring on the cold.
"Wasps and hornets are meat eaters. They eat other bugs, which is kind of beneficial, but that's why they can't survive the first hard frost," said Ross.
Ross says if you're confronted with a large number of wasps or hornets, calmly walk away. Hide your fear, it's your best defense.