Warmer temperatures ahead could mean dangers on the ice

CREATED Feb 16, 2014

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 MILWAUKEE - Temperatures above freezing are on the way after another round of snow Monday.

That's prompted a warning from the Milwaukee Fire Department about the dangers of thin ice.

The Racine County Sheriff's Department said a boy fell through the ice near the Siena Center after walking out on Lake Michigan Sunday.

The child was OK after his buddies pulled him out.

Capt. Christopher Schutte is the Director of the Dive team for the Milwaukee Fire Department and said the ice can be deadly with fluctuations in temperatures.

"At first glance it may look safe, when in reality it's compromised." Schutte said.

He said the thickness of the ice is even harder to gauge near moving water like the Milwaukee River.

With the mercury expected to hit the upper thirties this week, he recommends staying on the shore.