Warm temps help bring people outdoors

CREATED Mar 7, 2014

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For the first time in months, it’s over 40 degrees. A lot of people say this weather is perfect.


For Adam Hermsen, this is shorts and tee-shirt weather!

“This is warm for me!” laughs Hermsen. “There’s a nice breeze, and once the sun comes out, it’ll be fine.”

But others, like these two friends, can’t seem to agree.

“It’s much better than January,” says Nada Khalil.

“It’s not that better!” says her friend Asmaa Nabawi.

They’re originally from Egypt and have been in Milwaukee for two months! The women are still bundled up in coats.

“The day I will take it off, this would be warm!” laughs Nabawi.

Most people say they were thrilled with the warmer weather.

“I dressed down today,” says Kenneth Barron. It felt good! No extra heavy clothes on. So it felt good!”