Dirty Dining

Walker's Point cafe, West Allis bar food spot get Blue Ribbon awards

CREATED Jan 3, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A cafe in Walker's Point or typical bar food at a joint in West Allis - both spots have clean health inspections and get our Blue Ribbon Award.

The first is Zak's Cafe on 2nd Street near Oregon in Walker's Point, part of the development boom happening in this area.  You can get 3 square meals a day at Zak's.  Breakfast is served up bright and early. "Make your own omelettes are big," owner Doug Konzak told us.  
He spent 40 years in IT but retired early and decided to get into the restaurant biz.  Turns out, attention to detail is necessary in both careers.  "Once everybody gets on the same page, and they get into the rhythm, it's easy to keep it going," Konzak said.
For its clean health inspection, Zak's Cafe gets our first Blue Ribbon Award.  
The menu and the food are not fancy at Harry O's Second Base in West Allis on 67th and Lincoln, but according to owner Harry Strahlendorf, it's good bar food.  He credits having a dedicated staff and his upbringing for keeping things clean.
"We were always clean. That's the way I was raised," Harry told us.  For its clean health inspection, Harry O's gets our second Blue Ribbon Award.  Harry responded with, "we thank you very much. We work hard, all of us.  We try to keep West Allis clean!"