Vos opposes relocating displaced children to Madison

CREATED Jul 25, 2014

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MADISON -- About fifty refugee children from Central America are coming to Wisconsin. They'll be staying in a temporary shelter in Madison. Assembly speaker Robin Vos thinks that's a bad idea.

“[We] want to help reunite them with their families and that's why you'd want to keep them down by the border,” Vos said.

“I think it's silly to bring them up to Wisconsin.”

President Obama met with Central American leaders at the White House on Friday. The President has asked congress for $4 billion to deal with the influx of children.

“My hope,” said the President, “is that Speaker Boehner and House Republicans will not leave town for the month of August for their vacations without doing something to help solve this problem.”

House Republicans have said they think they can get the job done with less money.