Instrument expert, friend weighs in on violin heist

CREATED Jan 29, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 29, 2014

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CHICAGO -- When it comes to one-of-a-kind pieces of musical history, Stefan Hersh is your man. 

His high-end Chicago business connects unique and priceless instruments with buyers.

Hersh was with Frank Almond years ago when the concertmaster first laid eyes on the Lipinski Stradivarius violin.

Monday, a thief Tasered Almond after a concert and ran off with the instrument.

“Frank called me right after it had happened. He was in a real state, and I couldn’t sleep.”

The value of the multi-million dollar violin goes far beyond currency.  There’s a deep connection.. A storied past.


Hersh is concerned the centuries-old relic may not be in the conditions needed to care for such a delicate item.

”I’m very worried about the violin. I’m worried about it’s health. It’s a very important object, and i know frank and the owners of the violin are very worried as well,” Hersh explained.

”As time goes on, i’m more and more skeptical. I hope anyone with any information would come forward as quickly as possible. Time is not on the side of this violin being recovered.”

Federal and international authorities are now on the case. The violin’s anonymous owners did have an insurance policy for the instrument.