Vigil held for 2 year old shot on Milwaukee's north side

CREATED Apr 11, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 11, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Two days after someone shot at a north side home, hitting a two year old boy inside as he watched television, there is outrage.  Neighbors who live nearby at 4th and Keefe say they're terribly upset.  

"This is a hard time for us but we are going to pull through. By the grace of God anything is possible."
The boy's uncle, surrounded by neighbors and community activists, all frustrated.
"This should be a wake up call for all of us."
A week of violence has already taken the life of a single mother simply waiting at stop sign.
"It is time for our community to put a stop to the self destruction of our people," says activist Bro. David Muhammad.
Now, a young boy fights to survive after being shot in the midst of gunfire.
The boy was sitting in his second floor bedroom, just a week after the family moved into the home.  Police markings show where the bullets entered his room.  Police and the mayor are using this shooting as an example of why the state needs more gun legislation.  As Governor Walker spent time in Milwaukee Friday alongside Chief Flynn, reporters asked whether that may happen.
"Yea, from my standpoint I'm willing to work with the chief, work with other law enforcement officials, on doing more to uh, keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals," said Governor Walker.
Walker says legislation has already been drawn up. The bill would increase the penalty against felons caught in illegal possession of a gun.  Right now, such a crime is just a misdemeanor. If passed, Governor Walker said he would support it.