Vigil held for 3-year-old boy still in hospital after accidental shooting

CREATED May 6, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Kevin Donald, the 3-year-old boy who accidentally shot himself in the head, remains in critical condition at Children's Hospital.

Family and friends gathered for a prayer vigil Tuesday night, in the neighborhood where the horrible accident happened.
"We just want him to be okay, that's all we want" says Kevin's great aunt, Priscilla Triplett.
Family confirms Kevin wandered into his mother's car Saturday, found her loaded gun in the glove box, and shot himself in the head.
"Why it wasn't locked, I do not know," Priscilla says. "It's a tragic situation."
Kevin's two-year-old sister, Destiny, was in the car with him and saw the whole thing.
"She's the one that ran and told her mother that Kevin was hurt," Priscilla says. "We're hoping to seek some type of counseling for her because she's just a baby."
Too many lives changed in an instant, with one pull of a trigger, that should have never happened.
The family now hopes it serves as a reminder to everyone to be extra careful when it comes to guns and children.
"Children are curious," Priscilla says. "They get into everything. Please watch your kids. Because you never know what they're going to do if you're not watching."