Dirty Dining

Vietnamese spot has some repeat violations

CREATED May 1, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - This spot on the northwest side is serving up authentic Vietnamese and also a good dose of Dirty Dining.  Here's what the inspector found.

The restaurant is Pho Lovers on Lovers Lane, just off Silver Spring.  This restaurant was fined on its last health inspection.  Employees not washing their hands - pots and pans stored on a bottom shelf were getting splashed by mop water and dirt.  Clean dishes and pans, stored wet.  Wiping cloths were not kept in sanitizer and the owner was wiping down the meat slicer, not cleaning it.  Also, there were some food temperature problems.  Half and half was some 20 degrees warmer than the safe temp, and a cooler was not keeping food cold enough.
Owner Michael Truong told us the violations happen when things get busy.  He also said the restaurant has not had problems with past inspections. We looked it up.  Pho Lovers' last inspection also had a long list of problems.  Some of them were repeated this time around.  The restaurant will be re-inspected next week.
Also dirty this week, The Bitter End Pub & Grill on South 64th Street just west of Hawley.  The inspector found expired food still in a cooler.
And keeping things clean on its latest inspection - China East on 68th and State Street in Wauwatosa.