Dirty Dining

Vietnamese restaurant racks up 10 violations in less than 3 months

CREATED May 8, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A place on the city's south side has its first health inspection, and already there are things to clean up.

It's Pho Cali on South 27th and Layton.  Open just three months, this restaurant has already racked up 10 violations.  Like an employee not changing their gloves before working with food.  Owner Wendy Bach tells us she's retraining that employee.
Bach agreed to show us the kitchen and talk about the violations.  One of those, food in a cooler, like bean sprouts and shrimp, were too warm. Bach said lunch time is very busy and employees are constantly opening that cooler, which drives up the temperature.
A large pot of sauce was not being cooled safely.  Wiping cloths were not kept in sanitizer solution.  When we walked back an employee grabbed a cloth off the counter.  Bach says they're storing the cloths in sanitizer now.
Also employees were scooping food with plastic cups.  All utensils that come in contact with food need a handle.  Bach claims that's been handled.
Another restaurant having problems - Taqueria Arandas on 15th and Lincoln.  We've been there before.  Now, this place is on its third reinspection.  They just can't get the food temperatures right.
And this week's Blue Ribbon goes to Chuck E. Cheese on Chase, south of Lincoln for its clean inspection.