Video of Greenfield officer throwing woman in cell

CREATED Nov 27, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 27, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The Greenfield Police Department released video Wednesday of an officer violently pushing a woman into a holding cell.

The officer, 30-year-old Thomas Roszak, has since resigned.  The incident likely means Roszak will never again work as a law enforcement officer.
Roszak appeared in court the day before Thanksgiving to learn his sentence for what he did in July.
On the department's video, Roszak is seen pushing the woman from a booking area into the cell.  Video captured inside the cell shows the woman falling to the ground and striking a fixed metal stool.
"Oh my God," the woman says.
The officer is heard off-camera yelling profanities at the woman.
Roszak offered a short apology before sentencing.
"My temporary lapse of professionalism that day has resulted in a great deal of embarrassment and stress for my family, my friends, my co-workers and, I'm sure, Ms. Luke, herself.  For all this, I'm truly sorry," he told the judge.
Judge Glenn Yamahiro sentenced Roszak to a $1,500 fine and 200 hours of community service.  Roszak is to serve 30 days in jail if the community service is not completed within six months.
Yamahiro said the officer's "excessive force" toward the woman was like "throwing a sack of potatoes."
The woman in the video is 30-year-old Amanda Luke.  Before the shoving incident, she led police on a pursuit.  Officers arrested her for a fourth drunk driving offense.  They say Luke was also high on cocaine.
Luke did not attend Roszak's court appearance on Wednesday, but her attorney was present. 
"There should be maybe some jail time," said Jonathan Safran, Luke's attorney.  "I suspect if a citizen did that to an officer, obviously there would be jail time."
Roszak was originally charged with misconduct in office, a low-level felony.  The prosecution downgraded the charge to a misdemeanor battery.
Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern told reporters that the punishment is fair for an officer who has never been in trouble before...
"A fair message has been sent to this officer and to others who might think a momentary lapse in judgment can just be simply overlooked," Lovern said.
Luke has laid the groundwork to file a civil lawsuit against Roszak and the Greenfield Police Department.  She injured her head, face, lower back and left leg, according to a court filing.
The court case is still pending against Luke for her fleeing and drunk driving charges.