Victim won't prosecute after alleged sexual misconduct at Marquette fraternities

CREATED Apr 16, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Police say that despite reports of sexual misconduct at three Marquette University fraternity houses, the alleged victim has said she does not want the accused to be prosecuted.

The Triangle Fraternity has the motto: building better men for a better world. But it was inside the Triangle Fraternity House, that a woman claims she was sexually assaulted. 
Milwaukee Police say the victim did not want to press charges. The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office reviewed the case, and declined prosecution.
"It's a very unfortunate situation," says Christian Huehns, the President of Triangle Fraternity. "We take these allegations very seriously. We're complying completely with police and the university."
Just a block away, are the Delta Chi and Sigma Phi Delta fraternity houses. Both are being investigated for hazing.
These incidents add to a longer list of misconduct dating back to 2012, when six Marquette fraternities were put on probation for alcohol violations.
Some students worry that these fraternities are giving their school a bad wrap. 
"It makes Marquette look bad," says Kristane Thrower, a senior at Marquette. "We're better than that. They have to set an example. It's not the right thing to do. They know the rules, as participants in Greek life here."
The University's Division of Student Affairs is meeting with each fraternity. If they get any more violations while the investigation is underway, they could be suspended for good.
Here is the official statement from Marquette University:
We expect all of our students to uphold Marquette’s Catholic and Jesuit values and to contribute to a safe and respectful environment, and we take any allegation of misconduct extremely seriously. The Division of Student Affairs issued three Marquette University fraternities an official warning on April 9 due to alleged incidents of sexual misconduct and hazing that took place at the fraternity houses associated with the chapters. The investigation of these allegations is ongoing.
The Marquette chapters of Triangle Fraternity and Delta Chi Fraternity were issued an official warning due to alleged incidents of sexual misconduct that took place at their fraternity houses. Sigma Phi Delta fraternity was issued an official warning due to alleged incidents of sexual misconduct and hazing that took place at its fraternity house.
Each alleged incident was immediately reported to the Milwaukee Police Department and the Department of Public Safety for investigation. The Division of Student Affairs also investigates any individuals involved in the alleged incidents via the Student Conduct process when there is enough information to do so.
An official warning means that should any additional violations of Greek policies, the university Student Code of Conduct or the specific fraternity chapters’ risk management policies take place, immediate action will be taken to suspend all activities pending the conclusion of an investigation and any appropriate conduct processes. 
The Division of Student Affairs has met with the leaders of each chapter and will lead additional sexual misconduct prevention training for the three chapters.
Marquette University has worked diligently to educate our entire campus community about preventing sexual misconduct, including training more than 6,400 students in sexual violence prevention and bystander intervention during the past three years, and mandatory training for all first-year students. 
For the past eight years, Marquette University has made it mandatory for all incoming freshmen to complete a three-hour online alcohol education program called to educate students about the risks associated with alcohol abuse.
To be true to our Catholic and Jesuit mission, we must continue to care for and respect each other, and to support those who come forward to report and take action against sexual misconduct, which is one of the most widely under-reported crimes nationwide.