Veterans don't let government shutdown stop them from seeing WWII memorial

CREATED Oct 2, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct 2, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Some people aren't letting the government shutdown stop them from enjoying things in the nation's capitol.

A group of veterans found a barricade set-up at the World War II memorial Tuesday. But rather than admit defeat, they moved the barricade and went right in.

Stars and Stripes Honor Flight in Milwaukee issued a statement after the incident -

Stars and Stripes Honor Flight does not take a political position on the government shutdown.

However, we stand firmly with the veterans who we serve. We believe these men and women have the right to see their memorials, which should never be shut down.

Many of our WWII veterans have literally waited 70 years to see their memorial. Their Honor Flight is many times the one and only chance they will have to visit it and get the thanks they so richly deserve.

Nationally, there are a total of 3,560 veterans scheduled to take an Honor Flight in the month of October alone.

Stars and Stripes Honor Flight has already booked 2 planes to take 200 WWII and Korean war veterans to see their memorials on November 2.

We are always committed to our mission of making this once in a lifetime trip for our our veterans. Hopefully, a creative solution will be reached so that these open air memorials which are normally open 24/7, will remain open for our veterans regardless of a government shutdown.

Feel free to contact our state legislators who are elected to represent us in Washington, DC to make them aware of the impact on our heroes! These leaders must understand the enormity of the Honor Flight mission for all the men and women who have so bravely served and sacrificed for our nation.