Union suing Froedtert Health over stolen data

CREATED Dec. 6, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec. 6, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The personal information of thousands of workers in the City of Milwaukee could be headed to court. Milwaukee's largest public employee union is taking action on behalf of thousands of worried members.

On Friday, AFSCME District Council 48 filed a lawsuit in Milwaukee County Court, hoping it serves as a guide for the "what if?"

It has been six weeks since a Dynacare employee's car was stolen. The car has since been found, but a flash drive containing Social Security numbers, birth dates, home addresses and spouse's names for thousands of city of Milwaukee workers, was no longer in the car.

"For us, I mean, there is a feeling of violation. There's a feeling that suddenly they are responsible or they could be hit with a penalty or they could be hit with some sort of financial harm as a result," said Boyd McCamish, executive director with District Council 48.

So far, none of the workers has reported any issues on their credit report, but the union's taking precautions in the event something happens in the future.

"If, as I say, the Nigerian cartel gets a hold of this thing and suddenly opens up credit cards in Poland, we'll have to deal with this. We just wanna make sure people are safe now," said McCamish.

The lawsuit claims Froedtert, which was overseeing Dynacare in the city's wellness program, breached the confidentiality of city workers, that Froedtert poorly trained staff to prevent anyone unauthorized from obtaining sensitive material on employees, and as a result, Froedtert is liable monetarily.

We reached out to Froedtert Health to see what they had to say about the lawsuit, but a spokesperson said they have no comment.