Uecker ‘might change’ decision to drop games this season

CREATED Mar 31, 2014

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MILWAUKEE – Brewers legendary radio voice Bob Uecker hinted Monday that he may change his mind about dropping games this season.

Uecker told fans in the off-season that he will not make West Coast road trips in 2014.

“Well, my guard unit got called up,” Uecker joked during an opening day pre-game interview on 620 WTMJ radio.  “It’s a parole thing.”

Uecker said he submitted a schedule to owner Mark Attanasio, adding that he may change his mind about dropping games.

“I might change during the season,” Uecker said.  “Mark’s giving me the opportunity to change if I want the schedule.  I’ve given him a schedule already as to what games I’m going to do.  If I want to do more, I’ll do that.  I’m hoping I’ll do more as we get down to the post-season.”

Fans gathered outside the 620 WTMJ Tailgater broadcast trailer to listen to Uecker’s comments.

“He’s the face of the franchise for so long,” said AJ Wadhwa of Glendale.  “A lot of years, we didn’t do well.  But, Uecker is the one that kept everyone’s spirits up.”

“Listening to him since I was a little kid,” said Deb Knueppel of Fond Du Lac.  “Wouldn’t be the same when he leaves.  Hopefully he sticks around forever.”

Uecker has been behind the Brewers’ radio mic for four decades.