UW-Platteville re-opens after two tornadoes rock campus

CREATED Aug 29, 2014

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PLATTEVILLE - College students whose fall semester was questionable after a tornado hit their campus this summer, moved in Friday.

We returned to Platteville for the Grand Reopening of campus and saw that much has been done, but also that much work remains.

Two tornadoes hit Platteville in June, tossing cars and uprooting trees. Three residence halls, plus the Engineering Hall, lost part of their roofs and a number of windows. Today, they're looking much better. While dormitories have most of their windows back, the Engineering Hall does not, but they're still working on that. Dennis Shields, the UW Platteville chancellor recalls how much help they've gotten.

"There's a great sense of community here when something like this happens. People come together and it's just amazing to witness," said Shields.

Off campus, a Shell gas station was hardly recognizable the day after the tornadoes hit. Two months later, tree limbs and shattered glass that filled the parking lot have been swept away, but you can see it's a total loss.

Across the street from the gas station where Dairy Queen employees hid in the bathroom as windows blew out, those windows have been replaced and the parking lot's all cleaned up.