UW-Milwaukee students react to alumnus being named Microsoft CEO

CREATED Feb 4, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The classroom is filled with Computer Science students. One of them, Dipen Patel, remembers the new CEO of Microsoft as a very good public speaker.

“Last year he visited the campus and gave a lecture,” says Patel. “I attended, and it was really cool. He’s a very interesting person.  And he's also from India, and I’m from India."

Satya Nadella earned a master's degree in Computer Science from UWM, graduating in 1990.

Some of the students who exit these classroom doors will go on to become mobile app developers or software engineers. But others hope to follow in Nadella's footsteps.

"I think that's ultimately something I'd like to pursue - is to be a CEO or COO," says Computer Science student Tristan Emrich.

When the students found out Nadella was named the new CEO of Microsoft, it motivated them even more.

"I’d like to work for a company like Google and Microsoft one day also," shares Computer Science student Diana DiPalma

It’s also good news for this university.

"A lot of times MSOE or UW-Madison get a lot of attention. So it's cool here at UWM we can have some pride in our Engineering Department," adds DiPalma.

Nadella is only the third CEO in Microsoft’s history