Two men accused of violin robbery in court today

CREATED Feb 7, 2014

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 MILWAUKEE - We got a first glimpse at both defendants Friday, and their backgrounds couldn't be more varied. One man has a completely clean record and the other has a very detailed criminal past.

It could go down as one of Milwaukee's most notorious crimes. An 18th century Stradivarius violin, valued at over $5 million snatched, and the Milwaukee Syphony Orchestra musician who plays it tased after a recital. Universal Allah's attorney paints him as a good guy, who just got caught up in this mess when he loaned his taser to the co-defendant, Salah Salahadyn.

"And as you guys heard today, he's a very stable member of this community ,um he finds himself in a very unfortunate position and we hope it can be resolved as fairly as possible," said Paul Ksicinski, Allah's attorney.

Ksicinski successfully got bond for his client down to just $500 cash. But, intake court did not go as smoothly for Salah Salahadyn as the judge reviewed his extensive criminal background over the last 20 years.

"I'm concerned with hearing about escape convictions, bail jumping convictions, etc, um, I note the gravity of the offense," said Judge Katherine Kucharski.

The criminal complaint states it was Salahadyn who researched violins, then borrowed Allah's taser to carry out the robbery.

Salahadyn was handed a $10,000 cash bail.