Four injured in three separate shootings Wednesday

CREATED May 14, 2014 - UPDATED: May 15, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Four people were left injured after a violent afternoon in Milwaukee that saw three separate shootings. 

They don't all appear to be connected, but it was a busy night for District Five police. They were called to three of the four crime scenes - during what is suppose to be ceasefire week.
The first crime scene tape went up mid-afternoon near 25th and Capitol. A 11- year old girl with a 29-year old man were shot in their car.
"I just can't believe somebody would shoot into a car with a kid in there," said Jason Graham. 
He was nearby with his son when he heard a familiar sound.
"Yeah we heard some shots fired -we didn't think nothing because it's in the hood, you hear that all the time."
Police believe the driver and the shooter were in a prior argument. No one is in custody. Police say both shooting victims will be OK, their injuries were not life threatening.
A few hours later, some of the same officers and detectives were called to 21st and Locust. A 19- year old says he was shot walking down the street.
Two blocks away police shut down 23rd and Center to investigate multiple GUNSHOTS but no one was hit.
A fourth shooting happened on the city's south side. Someone shot a 20-year OLD  when he answered his front door.
All of this comes during "ceasefire week" in Milwaukee.  Pastor Robert Briggs hopes this isn't bad sign of things to come.
"It will probably get worse before it gets better but I hope and pray this will cease - there's too many guns of the street. 
Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn says police alone can not stop the gun violence in Milwaukee.
"We must have a new intolerance for the level of violence in our city.. and we must all rise up together to level the cry of violence in our city."
Chief Flynn talked about  Ceasefire Week on Monday. There's a gun buyback program Saturday between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Tabernacle Community Baptist Church.