Two incidents of child enticement in Brookfield

CREATED Oct 12, 2013

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BROOKFIELD - It's a warning for parents in Waukesha County. Police say a complete stranger has been approaching children in Brookfield.
The latest incident happened Saturday after a white man approached two little girls while they were walking near Calhoun and Civic Drive. That's near the Brookfield Police Department. 
The man followed the girls and tried to talk to them before they became scared and ran to a local business. They told Police he followed them for several blocks.
Police believe it could be the same man who told three boys walking near Alverno Drive and Gebhardt Thursday to come to his car.
"My first instinct was to keep on walking and pretend he wasn't there, when he stopped and opened the car door we just ran." said one of the 11-year-old boys.
None of the children were injured.
Brookfield Police describe the man as white. In his late fifties to early seventies in age. The children say he had white or gray hair and could be driving a silver four door sedan.
If you have any information call Brookfield Police.