Police Officers honored for response in Sikh Temple Shooting

CREATED Aug 3, 2014

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OAK CREEK -- Two of the police officers who responded to the Sikh Temple shooting are being honored for their actions in 2012. 

Retired Lieutenant Brian Murphy nearly lost his life when he was first to arrive.

"To be shot 12 times and be able to sit and talk about it. Not too many people get to do that."

Now, Murphy and officer Sam Lenda are set to recieve the Congressional Badge of Bravery. The Badge is awarded at the discretion of the US Attorney General. 

Murphy says he doesn't give himself any credit for his actions.

"Only because I am doing my job," Murphy adds, "It was something I wanted to be since I was a little kid."

Tuesday marks the two year anniversary of the Sikh Temple Shooting. Six people were killed and five more were wounded.