Trial over Jessie Blodgett's death continues Friday

CREATED Aug 15, 2014 - UPDATED: Aug 15, 2014

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WEST BEND - A young man accused of killing a Hartford community theatre actress seemed to have a fascination with murder. Tests run on his laptop revealed information, so troubling, his parents left the courtroom.

Daniel Bartelt is on trial for murder. He's accused of strangling his friend, Jessie Blodgett, in her bedroom last summer. A detective took the stand for the second day in a row to talk about what investigators found on Bartelt's laptop. That includes a video called, "Poor girl raped and strangled to death."
"He pulls out a binding and places it around her neck. He then strangles her while he continues to have sex with her. Ultimately the female party appears dead," said Detective Richard Thickens, Hartford police department.
Bartelt also spent time doing research on serial killers in the days before Jessie was killed.
"It looks like the search for serial killers wiki came across the Wikipedia page and was clicked on that search of that list of serial killers by number of victims," said Ashley Boldig with the Department of Justice.
Investigators also thought it was telling that on the day Jessie died, it appears Bartelt tried to delete a video of Jessie from his computer. It's called, "Jessie's Song."
"Did you find anything with regard to Jessie's song?" asked Sandra Jo Giernoth, prosecuting attorney for Washington County. 
"Yes. It was in unallocated clusters," replied Boldig.
"And what was in there?" asked Giernoth.
"The song file was sitting within the deleted files," said Boldig.
One more note about the murder weapon. The M-E testified that she definitely thinks police found the right one when they uncovered various ropes in a cereal box, left in a trash can at a Hartford park.
This concludes the trial's first week. Dozens of supporters have filled the courtroom every day. The state could wrap up its case on Monday.