Christmas tree farm to be turned into parking lot

CREATED Dec. 5, 2013

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TWIN LAKES - When it comes to finding the right tree, you know it when you see it.

The folks behind T.P. Pines Christmas Tree Farm along Holy Hill Road work throughout the year to make sure each family finds the right fit.
The hundreds of trees on the lot won't be there much longer.
A deal with Allied Plastics, a business located across the street, paved the way for a new parking lot for the company.
"It was 35 years we've owned the land and selling Christmas trees and having a good time doing it. It was a hard decision,” explained Frank Platts, who owns the land.  Platts, who is retired, maintains property taxes were just too high.
The decision to sell troubled neighbors used to wilderness in their backyards.
"We are still worried about light pollution and a decline in our property values, because now we are adjoining industrial zoned property,” said Daniel Griffin, who lives nearby.
Final approval for the sale is on the way.  Allied Plastics is set to transplant a number of the trees to line the proposed lot.
Next year, you won't be able to cut your own trees on the site, but you'll still be able to take one home.
As part of the deal, Frank and his family are allowed to set up shop and sell trees from another farm for Christmases to come.
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