Travelers prepare for snowy weather

CREATED Dec. 21, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - White fluffy snowflakes began to fall Saturday night in a band that started from the south and moved north toward Milwaukee. Traffic along I-94 in Racine County was still moving at a good clip around 10pm, but travel could get slick as the temperature drops.

But at the airport and bus terminal, passengers were feeling anxious, wondering if the snow would slow their holiday travel plans.

"I'm excited to be here for this big snow storm, I guess," said JoLynn Henke.

Henke's home for the holidays from Boston. She was feeling good, knowing her flight landed ahead of the snow storm.

"Feeling good, ready to be with my family for it, ready to be stuck at home," said Henke.

Many flights were late arrivals at Mitchell International Saturday night.

But, at Milwaukee Intermodal Saturday night, there were no delays. Still, that didn't stop passengers from being concerned about the road ahead.

"We've been looking at the map and it looks like there's a race. The snow is going to be racing the bus all the way down the coast, so it'll be interesting to see how it plays out," said Jo Heffner from Lake Geneva.

Heffner's taking a Greyhound with her two teenaged daughters to see their grandpa down in West Palm Beach, Florida. But with the approaching storm, she's not sure when they'll arrive.

"And I kept thinking you know, this trip might be delayed, so we brought pillows and blankets just in case, lots of water bottles, lots of snacks and we're prepared," said Heffner.

Greyhound Bus had no cancellations or delays Saturday evening. But, a bus expected to arrive in Milwaukee at 3am Sunday from Minneapolis could be one to watch. That would be in the heart of what is expected to be the heaviest snowfall.