Train derails in Caledonia

CREATED Jan 19, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 20, 2014

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CALEDONIA - The sound of mangled and twisted metal from a train derailment rocked the area on Five Mile Road around 6:00 am Sunday morning.

19 out of 135 cars of the freight train carrying coal to Sheboygan ended up off the tracks.

Several came to rest dangerously close to the edge of an overpass.

Railroad Commissioner Jeff Plale says early signs point to a busted track.

"In this brutally cold weather sometimes tracks get brittle and that's what happened here." Plale said.

An off-duty fire fighter came across the accident and called for help.

Union Pacific says the conductor didn't alert Police immediately because no one was hurt, the train wasn't carrying hazardous material and it wasn't blocking traffic.

The railroad is bringing in heavy equipment from all over the midwest to get the tracks reopened and to remove the damaged cars.