Tracks in Caledonia derailment had recently passed inspection

CREATED Jan 20, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 20, 2014

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CALEDONIA - Whatever caused the derailment happened quickly.  No problems were found when the track was inspected on Friday. 

Despite frequent inspections, all accidents can't be prevented.

“Union Pacific Railroad feels that 0 derailments is our goal,” states Spokesman Mark Davis. “And that’s been the railroad’s goal year after year since railroads were in existence.”

There was an electronic inspection done here last September. That’s where a machine goes over the line and looks inside the rail for any defects. Again, no problems were found. 

But the weather does take a toll on the tracks.  And it’s expected to get a lot colder. I asked Jeff Plale, the State Railroad Commissioner if this could pose any problems to passenger rail lines. 

“Back a couple of weeks ago when they had the big snowstorms in Illinois, there were Am Trak trains that literally got stuck in drifts,” recalls Plale.

This particular line here in Caledonia is inspected at least twice a week.