Town of Mukwonago Police push for armed officers in elementary schools

CREATED Aug 7, 2014

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TOWN OF MUKWONAGO -- There is a price to protecting a family's priceless possessions.

Officials at the police department will ask the Mukwonago Area School Board to endorse a referendum to hire two new officers to patrol the Town of Mukwonago's two elementary schools.
"Safety, first and foremost, is our mission," Sgt. Eric Schmidt explained to TODAY'S TMJ4. "We know through the research that we've done that there is an increase of school violence in our society."
The board will meet on August 13 to consider the referendum, which Schmidt says would appear on the November ballot.

The proposal calls for two officers, one at Section Elementary and the other at Rolling Hills. Schmidt estimates each officer's yearly salary would be $83,000 and potentially cost taxpayers an average of $25 per officer.

"At any given time, the schools are the most densely populated buildings in the town," Schmidt added, noting that there are more than 900 kids and 100 staff between the two schools. "Our goal is to make them secure as possible."
There are other elementary schools within the Mukwonago Area district, and Schmidt says other towns and villages will look at this as a pilot program.
Mukwonago's high school and middle school currently shares one full-time police officer.