Menomonee Falls towing service responds to 50 calls

CREATED Jan 6, 2014

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MENOMONEE FALLS - It’s been a busy day for tow companies, like Roskopf’s Service and Towing in Menomonee Falls.


The phone was ringing off the hook at the shop. Customer Nathan Deering is now down a tire. He was running low on air, because of the extreme cold.

"So I tried making it here, just to put air in it, but it shredded up, so I have to get a new one,” says Deering.

The owner of Roskopf’s says drivers should also be careful of slick spots on the roads.

“It’s turning everything to black ice,” explains Jeff Roskopf. “It’s blowing over the top, the tires are warm, it melts the snow, turns it to black ice. People think they’re driving on asphalt or concrete because they can't notice it.”

The tow truck drivers responded to 50 calls Monday.

“It’s harder to work in the snow. You can’t make time. Cold is just as bad. Actually, I think the cold is a little bit worse,” says Roskopf.

Even the drivers aren’t exempt from weather-related problems.

“One of my drivers had to go home. and I said, ‘What do you mean you have to go home? We’re busy!’ And he said, ‘I have to go home because the pipes burst in my house,’” laughs Roskopf.