Three-time Olympian uses talents to inspire others

CREATED Feb 5, 2014

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RACINE - Three-time Olympian Casey FitzRandolph encouraged a crowd of children from Racine Youth Sports to dream big, and now after hearing his story an average guy can accomplish great things with persistence, dedication and the desire to win.

Nicknamed "the cheetah", Casey FitzRandolph knows what it takes to win under pressure.

"When people try to take the performance of your life and then put the Olympic energy on top of it it becomes the performance they want to forget. 'Cause you try too hard and take it that little bit too far. And sometimes have a disaster," explains FitzRandolph.

For 30 years Casey ate, slept and breathed speedskating. He made team USA three times. But it was Salt Lake City in 2002 when he finally realized his gold medal dreams in the 500 meters.

"I think one thing that guys and gals underutilize - its the visualization, the mental preparation," he explains.

On the eve of the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, Casey is excited to watch the new generation of speedskaters.

"There is a combination ... You can be there in their heads to a degree but you don't have to worry about the nerves, the butterflies."

In retirement, FitzRandolph now enjoys the simple things in life - planting trees on his farm or watching his two children grow.