This spa has gone to the dogs

CREATED Jan 7, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 7, 2014

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Massages, facials. These pooches are getting a better vacation than their owners! We take you inside a local spa that's gone to the dogs.

It's a spot man's best friend doesn't like to leave. Which brings these pet owners peace of mind when they go on vacation. It is a dog's world and a good place to be.
Especially when a massage is part of your stay. "I just know that she's having a good time," dog owner Joyce Dohnal told us. She doesn't feel guilty leaving Sadie at New Berlin's Spa Paw & Tail. "She has sometimes a better vacation stay than I would!"

This premiere pet resort and day camp is the dream of Nina Race. "We have many parents that want to stay themselves" Nina told us laughing. These four legged guests can hang out in the bark lounge, relax in front of a fire, visit the spa for a nail trim, a blueberry facial or paw-icure. Yes, dogs get their nails painted too.

"We go the extra mile with every single dog that's here," Race pointed out. Like customized updates on how your dog's stay is going. Spa Paw & Tail sends you a postcard. It's an email that shows you everything your dog did that day.

Play groups are customized, and no dog sleeps in a kennel. Everyone gets a suite with the option of tuck in, ice cream treats and this special touch. "My daughter comes in and reads them bedtime stories," Race added. Leaving owners like Dohnal guilt free when they go on vacation.

Spa Paw & Tail has been open for business about 4 years and has plans to expand to make more room for those who love to pamper their pets.