Thefts on the rise in Dodge County cemeteries

CREATED Jul 18, 2014

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Dodge County has seen a rash of thefts at local cemeteries. Since grave markers often contain valuable metals, police think thieves could be motivated by money. 

Unfortunately for thieves, finding a place to resell the scrap might be hard. 

Terri with United Milwaukee Scrap said they make an effort to cooperate with police. 

"We do get regular police reports that something was stolen, and we will watch out for that," Terri said. 

She also said they closely inspect all items that go through the yard. 

"We do have someone that's back there that makes sure that they're not hiding things in the dishwashers, and the refrigerators, and stuff," she said. "We do take a picture of them while they are on the scale, we take their ID."

Anyone with information regarding the current case is urged to contact the Dodge County Sheriff's Office.