'Terminator 2' motorcycle and props on display at Harley-Davidson Museum

CREATED Apr 10, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - A mannequin version of Arnold Schwarzenegger stands menacingly next to a Fat Boy motorcycle that was ridden in 'Terminator 2.' There are photos and other props, including a knife and a shotgun from the movie.

It's all part of the 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' display that opened Thursday at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

"You know, there's ‘Easy Rider,’ and Evil Knievel, and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Fat Boy. Those are the three most significant pop culture moments that make people think, hey, that looks like fun, maybe I want to get one of those thing," said Curatorial Director Jim Fricke.

There were several Fat Boys used in the film.

"This is one that was ridden in kind of the climactic scene, with the costume, and the guns and all the props. It's something that's had kind of a global impact and it's a great thing for us to be able to show in Milwaukee," Fricke said.

The Fat Boy had just come out around the time that movie preparations started. Fricke believes the film had a lot to do with the bike's image.

"It became associated with this shotgun-firing, leather-clad muscular robot. Somehow those two things went together in the popular imagination and made a big splash," Fricke said.

The display will be up through the end of 2014.