Ten-year-old boy drives car for drunk mother

CREATED Mar 7, 2014 - UPDATED: Mar 7, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -  Milwaukee Police say a ten year old ended up driving after his mom was drunk when she picked him up from the bus stop.   Call it bad parenting or a thoughtless action, whatever words you choose, police hope they've put a stop to this young boy's days of cruising down busy streets, barely able to see over the driver's seat.

Nikki Brown was less than a mile from home when she pulled in for a car wash Monday and bragged about teaching her son how to drive.  The boy is just ten years old.
"I'm thinking that this is a little kid. He was only about this tall and I'm like, she say don't worry about it. I taught him well," said Zollie Sanford Junior, Gifted Hands Car Wash general manager.
Several hours later, Sanford saw Brown return, this time with her son. In his words, she staggered out of the driver's seat and told the boy to get in it.
"So this time I say to her, you can't do that you know, you could injure somebody, run over cars and she said F me," said Sanford.
Sanford wasn't the only one telling Brown this wasn't appropriate. A customer pleaded with her. But he says she slapped him across the face, saying. "Who the 'F' you think you are?"
The ten year old tells police as he got in the driver's seat, at this car wash, he saw a bottle of grape wine sangria in the car half full.  Nine blocks away, this is where police pulled them over. That half bottle was empty.
"He drove the car. He did everything right.  He adjusted his mirror. He adjusted his seat," said Sanford.
This is Brown's first O.W.I. for driving under the influence with a minor child in the car. She's also charged with disorderly conduct.