Teen girls could face charges for Dodge County Fair fight

CREATED Aug 19, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 19, 2013

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DODGE COUNTY - A fight at the Dodge County Fair may land a bunch of teenage girls in trouble with the law. 

But it's not only the girls who could be in trouble. The people who stood by and watched also have some explaining to do.
Dodge County Sheriff Patricia Ninmann is taking the fight seriously. She doesn't know exactly why it started but she knows the crowd watching and videotaping it didn't do anything to discourage the fight.  
The all-girls fight Friday night at the Dodge County Fair was caught on multiple cell phone cameras. As many as 15 girls ages 13 to 15 are seen punching, kicking and pulling hair as a crowd watched.
"I'm not saying any of these girls are bad girls, unfortunately they made some bad choices on Friday night," said Sheriff Ninmann.
There are lots of teens in the video and it's unclear who might be cited or charged. The Sheriff's Department is looking at issuing disorderly conduct citations and possibly recommending battery charges.
Sheriff Ninmann can't believe no one in the crowd tried to intervene or call police.
"It was disappointing seeing the amount of people that were standing around and not doing anything but it was really disheartening to see adults not step in and actually tell these kids enough is enough," she said.
The people behind the cellphone cameras taking video could also be in trouble for not rendering aid.
High school senior David Cameron gave TODAY'S TMJ4 permission to use his video.
"I don't know them personally," said Cameron. He's one of three people who captured part of the fight on his cellphone. 
"I figured there are vendors around, there are adults standing, I figured someone else would call it in. I guess that's why I didn't call it in," said Cameron.
Some have questioned why the sheriff's department wasn't on the scene quicker, but Ninmann says they never got a call and when they did hear about it, it was over. 
She says the investigation should be wrapped up by Tuesday.