Shots exchanged between two cars on I-43

CREATED Jul 22, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 22, 2014

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RIVER HILLS - Traffic was slowly getting back to normal on northbound I-43 Tuesday, nearly five hours after a gun battle between two vehicles ended just south of Brown Deer Road.

Witnesses saw the occupants of a minivan and a four-door car shooting at each other. Considering how heavily traveled this highway is, it's incredible that nobody was hurt.

The sound of gunshots brought Katie Hansen to her feet.
"It sounded like firecrackers or like I said, gunshots. And what was your reaction? Just surprised. When I heard the gunshots or whatever I heard, I just tried to see what was going on back there," said Hansen.
Hansen lives on the other side of these trees, lucky that those gunshots didn't hit her home. 
"There are houses just to the other side of the fence line there that would've been in the direction of shots being fired . We checked on those houses, don't see that any of them were struck," said Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.
Deputies spent the afternoon searching back yards for one person who fled after this minivan spun out of control and landed in the ditch.  Deputies took three people into custody from that minivan.  The other vehicle involved was described as a four door silver Nissan. 
"According to the independent witness, both occupants of both vehicles were firing at each other so it does not appear at this point that there are any good guys here.  My experience, I've been doing this 37 years tomorrow, the occupants in both vehicles know each other. There's a reasonable degree of certainty they know each other," said Sheriff Clarke.
The Sheriff's Office reports they found shell casings on the scene. They were looking for the guns involved and planned to talk to the three in custody about what happened.