TODAY'S TMJ4 Community Baby Shower is a great success

CREATED Jan 10, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - To see Joyce Gardiner's 5-month-old grandaughter, it's tough to think that any babies in the Milwaukee area don't have basic necessities... but the need is there.

"I was an MPS teacher for 33 yrs, and I know there are young kids having babies, they need the help, I know they need the help," she says.

That's why the TODAY'S TMJ4 Community Baby Shower is so important, and this year's event was a great success, thanks to you--our viewers.

Our own Susan Kim was at the State Street Sentry in Wauwatosa all day helping to collect your donations. The Sentry at 71st and Lisbon was also busy--filling carts with baby supplies.

Alyssa Miller is a case manager with the Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center, which is one of the recipients of the items donated. She says, "We are so blessed to receive the items we get. We're always so excited when we're able to inventory the items and see what we get."

Miller adds there is a great need for supplies. "The Native American community is under-represented. We try to make sure we have all the needs covered, we've got a medical clinic, we've got social services, and behavioral health services."

The baby shower wouldn't be possible without our generous supporters, including new sponsor UnitedHealthcare Community Plan.

Dr. Donna Davidoff works for UnitedHealthcare. She explains, "Babies are the first thing in life, and they need a good start. They need a healthy start, a happy start, and they're expensive. There's many people who need help getting formula, diapers, clothing, and gettng those babies off on the right foot."

Joyce knows not every baby is as lucky as her granddaughter, and she's glad she can do her part of help make life a little better for our future generations. "It's because of her I said we have to make sure to come, and give some things for the people who are not as fortunate as she is."

The TODAY'S TMJ4 Community Baby Shower was at all Sentry stores today. Volunteers will gather all the items donated and take an inventory of how much was raised. Stay tuned for the results next week!!