Suspects break into SUV, rob newly engaged couple

CREATED Aug 14, 2014

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A blissful day at the Botanical Gardens in Whitnall Park turned into a nightmare for one couple - who'd just gotten engaged minutes earlier.

Josh Shafer and his fiancée returned to their SUV and saw broken glass everywhere. Her purse and their wallets were gone.

"Immediately we hopped on the phone, with police and credit card companies, trying to cancel all the cards,” explains Shafer. “That's when we discovered they actually made a charge at Target."

Surveillance video shows two young women at Target in Brookfield. They buy something at the checkout and then leave.

"You can try to look past it and move on,” says Shafer. “You can look positive and say, 'we weren't hurt,' but at the end of the day, it was still a tarnished moment."

A deputy reports one of the women on the video matched the description of a suspect in a similar car break-in from Greenfield Park back in June. In a similar twist, the suspect also went to Target -- in Wauwatosa -- where she bought prepaid calling cards.

The Sheriff's Office is trying to find out if this is the same suspect.

If you recognize either suspect, please contact the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office.