Suspect arrested in Watertown homicide

CREATED Jun 11, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 11, 2014

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JEFFERSON - What initially may have looked like a random attack was anything but. We learned Wednesday in Jefferson County Court that a young mom from Clyman not only knew her alleged killer, but she willingly agreed to meet with him the night she was shot to death.

"Do you understand what the state has charged you with in count one of the criminal complaint?" asked Judge David Wambach, to which Michael Henderson replied, "Yes."
Thirty two year old Michael Henderson of Waterloo gives a solid yes to the judge. But, he was not as forthcoming with investigators.
In this criminal complaint, we see that Henderson initially told detectives he did not meet with Heather Stewart, the mother of his toddler, on May 28th, the night she disappeared.
But after police found evidence that Henderson's cell phone pinged near the murder scene in Watertown, he changed his story, admitting the two met up and that he gave her $20 for their daughter.
Heather Stewart was shot once in the head, and left for dead in a parking lot near Highway 26 and Bernard in Watertown.  The state asked for a million dollar cash bail.
"I do note that the defendant does have an extensive criminal history. Many of those convictions did occur in Jefferson County," said Assistant District Attorney Susan Happ.
A typical counter argument from the defense in cases like these may be that the defendant has a job, has a family in the area, any reason why he would not flee. But, the defense said none of that and the judge made note of it.
"The court has uh precious little information before it regarding the defendant's connection to the community, employment," said Judge David Wambach.
So the judge set bail at a million dollars cash.