Survey: Milwaukee ranks low on cities to find a job

CREATED Mar 7, 2014

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A personal finance website ranked Milwaukee 55th out of 60 cities when it comes to finding a job.  

Wallet Hub said they used things like number of job openings, unemployment, diversity of industry and cost of living to determine the numbers.

Metro Milwaukee Association of Commerce President Tim Sheehey said the cities that ranked high had high demographic growth.

"We have very slow growth demographics," he said. "I think the challenge for employers here is: can we attract more people to Milwaukee? And can we raise the educational performance of some of our fastest growing demographics? That's what it is going to take to fill jobs here."

Sheehey said Milwaukee's selling point is being known for having very hard workers.

The study only used the city's population, not the metro area and that also hurt Milwaukee's ranking, Sheehey said.