Surveillance video captures moments following shooting of 2 Milwaukee children

CREATED Jul 25, 2014

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MILWAUKEE -- Police are still on the hunt for the person who pulled the trigger and shot two kids riding in the back of a car on Wednesday.

TODAY'S TMJ4 obtained a neighbor's surveillance video on Friday that captured the moments after the shooting near 36th and Hadley. In it, people are running to a car and then police show up a few minutes later.
Several cops were patrolling the area on Friday. Neighbors in the area said it's not just about taking away the guns, it's taking away the properties not taken care of.
"I think the problem is you don't have the feeling of peace and contentment," said neighbor Annie Davis. "You have a big morality issue."
Davis is more than a mother, she's a matriarch of the neighborhood and has lived there for more than 40 years.
"Back in those days people took a big interest in the ways their homes looked and now you have so much trash and litter," she said.
Many neighbors blame the block's demise for the rise in violence. But not at Davis' house, where she and her fiance Anthony Taylor spruced up their property like a palace to set an example.
"When you look at this house, it's different," Taylor said. "The grass, the flowers ... it's a welcoming sign. If the neighbors do this, it will be a welcoming neighborhood."