Supreme Court deals major setback to Johnson child sex assault case

CREATED Mar 26, 2014

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RACINE – A summer jury trial date is now set for Curtis Johnson, an heir to Racine’s famed SC Johnson household products fortune. 

Prosecutors are pressing forward toward trial despite a major blow to their child sex abuse case Wednesday.  A Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling today means the prosecution will likely not have testimony at trial from the victim.

Johnson is accused of repeatedly assaulting a teenage girl.

The victim cannot testify unless she releases her medical records first, according to the court decision.

After years of legal delays, maneuvers and delays, Johnson’s trial is now set for a week in July.

Some thought prosecutors would drop charges against Johnson altogether Wednesday after the high court decision that likely means the victim will not testify. 

More key evidence records are tied up in Arizona.  That is where authorities say Johnson admitted the assaults to a therapist.  

Assistant District Attorney Robert Repischak asked the judge for more time to obtain those records.

“I would just ask for a reasonable push,” Repischak said in court.  “It’s quite honestly going to take a long time.”

Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz rejected the request.

“I understand your position,” Gasiorkiewicz responded.  “I understand your request.  But, the court is not going to delay this matter.”

Johnson resigned as chairman of Diversey, Inc in 2011 and the corporation has since sold that brand.